Are you strapped for cash? Do you need to inject capital into your business but don’t have the cash on hand? Do you wish to invest in a start-up but don’t have the cash in your hands? Well, if that’s the case, going for a secured loan might be your best option. At Leicesther Loans, we endeavour to help our esteemed customers across the UK get affordable secured loans while at the same time ensuring that they learn everything there is about secured loans. From inception, our key objective has been customer awareness, assisting our customers get affordable secured loans and ensuring that they put the funds to good use.

Basically, secured loans from the sound of the name refer to a loan facility backed up by collateral. In other words, in order to be considered or qualify for a secured loan, you need to have an asset such as a car, jewellery, or some form of property that you can pledge as collateral to secure the cash you need. This type of loan is not for those with nothing to pledge but specifically for UK individuals with some asset that they can use as collateral. As is always the case, we strive to enlighten you on the importance of going for a secured loan from reputable companies such as Simple Logbook Loan.

We understand that there are times when individuals are strapped for cash or simply need to set a business idea into motion. In this regard, a secured loan is always the best bet as it allows individuals to borrow a considerable sum of money without many bottlenecks as the collateral serves to mitigate the risks of the lender. At Leicesther Loans, we understand that ignorance is one of the reasons that people stay away from secured loans. Some people are under the impression that if they go for a secured loan, they will ultimately lose the asset they pledge.

Well, losing the asset is an exception rather than the rule and only occurs if the borrower fails to completely repay the loan. In such circumstances, the lender resorts to selling off your property or even car (depending on the asset you set up as security) to recoup their money.

Why should you choose us?

If you are thinking of applying for a secured loan such as a logbook loan, here is why you should consider doing business with us.

What do you need to be considered for a secured loan at Leicesther Loans?

If you are thinking of applying for a secured loan, you need to first and foremost be a citizen and resident of the UK. Secondly, you must be an adult of sound mind, in some form of employment and earning a regular income and have an asset that you can pledge as collateral. These are the basic requirements for you to apply for a secured loan.

We always endeavour to ensure that we process your applications within the shortest time possible. Feel free to contact us today!